In today's demanding office environment, nothing affects the performance and efficiency of your computer network more than the cabling infrastructure, which is the very foundation of the whole IT Network.

A simple cabling fault or defective outlet point can cause irregular results or even ‘system down-time’ at the worst possible times. Poor cabling or inadequate switches can hugely impair or destabilize your overall network performance, and these problems can be very difficult to detect.

Whatever the requirements, whether you’re adding a few points to an existing network, or re-cabling an entire building, Computeq will provide the service you are looking for. For all major projects we will initially carry out a survey of the building and help you to design the most effective cabling infrastructure.

We use only top quality cables, connectors and wall sockets and the whole network is fully tested and guaranteed.

We specialize in the integration of voice and data over the same cabling system giving both cost savings during installation, and providing extended flexibility. In common with other companies, we recognised the VoIP boom, but unlike many other companies we installed our own PBX, which sits proudly on our IT network exactly the same as any other PC. This has helped gain a thorough understanding of the technology.

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