For many years now, our technicians have been installing and upgrading computer systems and networks throughout the country.  In that time, while technology continues to change, the basic principle remains the same, “the performance of your desktop is dependant on the design and efficiency of your network”.

At Computeq, we really believe that size doesn’t matter.  Each network is unique in some respects, and regardless of size or numbers of users, the most important question is that the network is designed and set-up correctly.  We recognize the importance of your IT system and irrespective of the size or nature of your business we will try to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your investment in your IT infrastructure.

With accreditation's for all the major manufacturers, we have the full backing and support for all the latest products, which ensures a smooth and trouble free installation every time.  It is particularly important for Computeq to get the design and installation of your network absolutely right because very often we are also responsible for the purchase of hardware and software as well as the ongoing support.

Experienced in all the Microsoft operating systems and support applications, our installation team will ensure that your system is configured to the very highest standard possible.

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