While our core business is installing and supporting IT Networks, it is fair to say that over the years our engineers and project managers have been involved in all kinds of activities and have gained a wealth of knowledge that can often be very useful to our customers.

Office Relocation is one area where we have accumulated a wealth of experience. Of course we can help to relocate the existing office IT infrastructure but we’ve also been involved in computer room design and fit-out, cabling and telephony, transport and even office layout. We are happy just to offer practical advice or to get more involved and assist you to manage the overall project.

Telephony and IT have always been somewhat integrated but the ability to deliver voice and data communications across networks is now becoming a fundamental requirement of all of today's businesses. At Computeq we recognise the flexibility and the benefits offered by Voice over IP technology, having installed our own system here in early 2004. This experience can be invaluable in insuring that you get the system that’s right for your organisation.

There are numerous other associated areas (i.e. Database Development, System Security and Vulnerability Testing, Web Design and Hosting, Disaster Recovery etc) where we have specialist partners to help us provide a total service to all our customers.

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